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Alternative folk for alternative folks

Our Current Goals & Strategies for Succcess

Goal: Grow the band's reputation and notoriety outside of Ontario

  • We recently signed to Canary Minor distribution who will help us maximize playlisting and streaming success.

  • We've applied to major folk festivals in Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec, and the Maritimes.

  • We have completed 3 self-booked tours of Atlantic Canada in three years.

  • We have approached Joanne Setterington of Indoor Recess about Canadian/US radio opportunities.

Goal: Assemble a management/representation team that can help us earn larger opportunities

  • We are working with Simon Ward (The Strumbellas) to pitch our next single to Canadian and US record labels.

  • We are in the process of looking for a booker/tour manager.

  • We have started to look for a grant writer with a track record of success. 


Goal: Increase fan engagement and interest in our online communities

  • We run our Patreon page that brings in over $150 per month

  • We are in the process of drafting a social media strategy to solidify our online "brand" and goals.

  • We have begun integrating social media promotion into our live performances


  1. Looking at our band and our current level what would you say should be our next steps

  2. If we were to join a record label, what support/assistance could we realistically expect?

  3. How can bands of our size cut through the noise and be noticed by music industry folks?

  4. What is something that we should not waste our time on?

  5. What red flags should we look out for if we're approached by interested labels or managers?

  6. What indicators do labels look for in prospective bands

Recent Singles

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Debut Album


Music Videos


Music Videos

Music Videos

Music Videos
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I, the Mountain - Jillian (Official Music Video)

I, the Mountain - Jillian (Official Music Video)

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I, the Mountain - Wildflowers (Official Music Video)

I, the Mountain - Wildflowers (Official Music Video)

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I, the Mountain - Little Wild

I, the Mountain - Little Wild

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I, the Mountain Live

"Their unique take on indie-folk sound is only part of the equation for I, the Mountain’s success. Their live performances are engaging, interactive, and designed to connect everyone—audience and band—together."

-Alex Kinsella, The Community Edition

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